Wedding Thank You Note Samples

Here, we have a bunch of wedding thank you note samples to help you out with your thank you card wording.

When writing a wedding thank you note, you’ll want to keep a few thing in mind.

Tips and Etiquette

  1. Write your notes by hand
  2. Thank your guest for attending
  3. Mention the gift you received
  4. Use black or blue ink
  5. Try to send out all your notes within 6 weeks of the ceremony

Now, lets go over some sample thank you note wording.

Wedding Thank You Note Wording Samples


Dear Sarah and Ben,

Thanks so much for coming to our wedding guys. It was such a wonderful night and I really couldn't have imagined it without you two being there. Ben, I had no idea you were such a good dancer! You and Sarah make a really great couple.

Also, we really appreciate the bed spread you gave to us. It is so comfortable. Its the exact one we wanted. I'm sure we our going to have some wonderful dreams beneath it.

You two are a really important part of our life. I know that we don't get to see each other as much as we'd all like, but hopefully we can get together soon. Next time we come to Boston, we'll make sure to let you know, and we can all go out for drinks.

Thanks again guys. We love you so much.

Beth and Tony


Dearest Rob,

Thank you so much for the Crystal vase that you gave Tony and I. It will certainly be a great reminder of the wedding. Right now it is sitting on the breakfast table holding some beautiful Daisey's.

We truly appreciated you taking the time out of your work to help us celebrate the day. I know a Friday wedding isn’t always the most convenient.

But it sure was wonderful having the whole family together under one roof. We feel blessed to have such fantastic people in our lives. I know that you are leaving America soon to move to Japan. I hope that we will manage to keep in touch despite the distance. Once again a big thank you from Tony and I, wishing you all the best in your new adventure.

Always, Anne and Tony


Dearest Pat and Angie,

It was so great getting to talk with you at the wedding reception. I had no idea that you were thinking about starting your own business. That is so exciting!

Thanks so much for coming. The rice cooker you got us has become an integral part of our kitchen. We are eating a lot more rice because its so easy to prepare now. You two are the best! I can’t wait to see you guys at the holiday get together in Decmeber.

Love and Kisses,

John and Margret


Dear Rubi and Tom,

We both are extremely thankful to you for your contribution to the wedding ceremony. It wouldn’t have been the same without you. Having Tom play the accordion before the ceremony was such a nice and unique way to get the celebration underway.

The set of cocktail glasses you gave us have gotten some good use out of them in the past couple of weeks! Terry is now intent on learning how to make the perfect Martini. Lets just say he is practicing a lot.

Yesterday, we were going through our wedding album and we really laughed at the photos of little Gregory. He was looking awesome. Give him a kiss for us.

Thanks again. We love you very much.

Sara and Terry


Dear Cricket (my favorite flower girl),

Thank you for being a part of this day I will never forget. I will remember my wedding day for the rest of my life. One of the images I will keep closest is seeing you, all of four years old, walking down the isle in a light purple dress and a matching basket.

When you grow up and someday get married yourself, I hope you remember that it will not be the first wedding in which anticipation kept you up all night.

Yours truly,
Aunt Becky and Uncle Eric


Dear Tom and Jenny,

Paul and I want to thank you for making our special day one to remember. We love the picture you give us. We will always cherish it. Paul has placed it on the living room wall where we can look at it while he does his writing.

Tom we're still laughing at that funny dance you and grandma were trying to teach us. Paul is still trying do it. I never knew you could make people laugh that much and that hard. We are looking forward to seeing you guys at Christmas when we come to England. We love you guys very much and hold you very dearly in our heart.Thanks again.

Sincerely Yours,
Paul and Marcia


Dear Allen, It was so great to have you at the wedding. As you may or may not know, Jane and I consider you to be one of our closest friends. Your presence really made the moment the best it could ever be.

Thank You so much for the thoughtful and generous gift as well. We are going to use the money to help pay for a cruise this spring. We sure hope your love and support is with us throughout our lives.

Joe and Jane

As you can see, you should strive to make your wedding thank you notes as personalized as possible. Not only will the notes seem more genuine, but it actually makes them easier to write.

Mentioning the gift is important, but the key to a great thank you note is making the recipient feel like they were the most important person at your wedding. Get it done!

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