Thank You Notes for Teachers

Writing thank you notes for teachers can be intimidating, but can you think of anyone who deserves it more?

It has been said, “A good teacher explains. A superior teacher demonstrates. A great teacher inspires.”

Thank You Notes for Teachers

Practically everyone can name an individual teacher who made a difference in their education and an impact on their life. Who is the teacher that inspired you?

A thank you note's contents depends on who is sending it. So, lets go over the two possibilities: Parent ---> Teacher and Student ---> Teacher.

Parent Thank You Notes for Teachers

There are countless occasions when thanking a teacher formally is appropriate, perhaps none more worthy than a grateful parent.

When writing a thank you note to your child’s teacher, it’s a good idea to organize your thoughts first. Are you writing to commend a specific event or the teacher’s overall effort? Making a list of points you’d like to mention is a good way to keep yourself on track as you sit down to write the note.

A Parent -> Teacher Thank You Note Example

Dear Mrs. Nance,

As you may recall, my daughter was nervous on her first day of school last week. She’s new to this school, and she desperately wanted to feel she belonged. Thank you for providing that for her. Once you greeted her with your warm smile and genuine affection she relaxed and was able to enjoy her new environment. As we drove home after her first day of school, she couldn’t stop talking about how, “Mrs. Nance is so nice,” and “Mrs. Nance sat next to me at lunch,” and “Mrs. Nance is my favorite teacher!”

I’m sure this was a typical day for you, but for my daughter it was a day made very special by your actions. Her father and I can’t thank you enough for making our daughter feel comfortable in her new classroom and excited to return to school each day. If you ever wonder whether your efforts are recognized, rest assured they are greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!
Amy Smith

Be sure to outline the reason you are thankful to the teacher. In the sample thank you note above, this mother was singling out the teacher’s efforts to make a new student feel welcomed in the classroom.

Offering a specific example or mentioning an individual event is a good way to illustrate your point. By reminding Mrs. Nance of how shy and uncomfortable her daughter was, Amy outlined the specific reason for writing.

Just saying, “thank you” is nice, but expanding on it and mentioning how the teacher’s actions have affected a student brings home the message of a thank you note. Again, from the note above, Amy assured Mrs. Nance that her actions were both recognized and appreciated.

Teacher Thank You Notes from Students


A Student -> Teacher Thank You Note Example

Dear Mr. Miller,

At the risk of stating the obvious, I realize I may not be your prize Spanish student. In fact, I struggled with learning a second language in high school. I’m required to learn Spanish for my job, and I entered your Introduction to Spanish class at the Adult Learning Center with trepidation.

From Day One you began revising my once-poor opinion of foreign language teachers. Instead of the superior attitude I expected, you greeted me warmly with care. I cannot tell you how much your encouragement has meant to me! In particular, I’ve appreciated the time you spent before and after class patiently answering my questions. The video series you recommended has been immeasurably helpful, and I want you to know that by helping me learn Spanish you have not only allowed me to keep a job I love, you have ensured my family’s financial security. I cannot say thank you enough!

George Rubin

As a student writing a thank you note to a teacher, it’s nice to include a personal experience. George admitted to Mr. Miller that he didn’t have a high opinion of foreign language teachers prior to taking his class, but that Mr. Miller’s approach to his students positively affected George.

Getting specific is a great way to demonstrate a tangible outcome based on a teacher’s influence. In this case, George was sure to tell Mr. Miller that the video series he recommended aided his understanding of the language and, ultimately, his ability to master it.

By outlining exactly why you are grateful, the teacher you are thanking can get a broader understanding of the ripple effect his teaching has. George made sure to mention that Mr. Miller’s dedication to helping George learn Spanish allowed him to keep his job and, in turn, kept George’s family financially secure.

Sometimes a shorter, less detailed note is more appropriate.


Another Student -> Teacher Sample Note

Mrs. Kenney,

Thank you for sending Jake’s homework with his sister, Addie. Though Jake is physically recovering from surgery, he is mentally able to continue his class work. In fact, he told me it makes his recovery period go by faster! He looks forward to seeing you in class soon. Until then – keep it coming!

Much appreciated,
Jane Lowe

Thank a Teacher Today

The thank you note above is over something seemingly minimal – sending home Jake’s homework. However, from Jane’s note, Mrs. Kenney realizes how by simply doing her job of keeping her student from falling behind in his class work has also kept Jake’s mind off a potentially painful and boring recovery from surgery.

No matter the reason, thanking a teacher is always a good idea, and there is no reason too small to write thank you notes for teachers. Offering a teacher your genuine, personal appreciation is a great way to remind them the work they do is incredibly valuable.

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