Do You Write Thank You Notes to Everyone Who Interviewed You?

by Gina
(Campbell, CA.)

Question: Do you write a Thank You note to everyone who interviewed you?

Answer: This can depend on the type of interview that took place, but in general, you don't need to write thank you notes to multiple people after an interview.

Instead, just send a note to the main person who is considering you for the job. In this note, you can extend your thanks to the others who helped in the interview process.

Consider including something along these lines:

"...Also, please extend my thanks to John and Carol. They were both so kind, and it was great to hear them describe my proposed role at the company."

However, use your judgment. In some cases it could be appropriate to thank different people individually. These cases should be relatively apparent. If you're unsure, stick with the approach above.

You don't want to appear overly zealous by blanketing the company with thank yous and well wishes.

Good luck with this opportunity! I hope you get the job.


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