Wedding Thank You Poems

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Wedding Thank You Poems


Where Ever We May Roam

Its not about the flowers,
it’s not about the dress.
It’s not about the gifts
or about all the rest.
It’s all about the people
and bonds and love we share.
It’s about being around
those for whom we care.
We thank you for being with us,
as we start our life anew.
We thank you for your wishes
in everything we do.
We thank you for your gift
to help build our happy home.
We thank you for your blessings
wherever we may roam.


As We Begin life's Journey

As we begin our journey
as wedded man and wife.
We want to thank you deeply,
for sharing our new life.
Your gift was much appreciated,
but your presence means much more.
Your support makes us excited
for what life has in store.
We now blend our lives together,
with our family and our friends.
With you we will discover,
what’s around life’s bends.


We Love You We and Thank You

You saw us say "I do",
and seal it with a kiss.
You saw us pledge our love,
and wish a silent wish.
You gave us all your blessings,
and made us who we are.
You want for us all good things,
whether we're near or far.
We love you we and thank you,
for all the gifts you brought.
We love you we and thank you,
for all the thoughts you thought.
We love you we and thank you,
for showing us the way.
We love you we and thank you,
for sharing our special day.


As We Became Man and Wife

Thank you for your kindness,
and wonderful wishes too.
Thank you for your help,
and all the things you do.
Thank you for your gift,
to start our life as one.
Thank you for all the little things, that you have said and done.
Thank you for your presence,
as we pledged our love.
Thank you for your prayers,
sent from up above.
Thank you for your guidance,
that we will carry though our life.
Thank you for your blessings,
as we became man and wife.


As We Promised Each Our Love

Marriage is a precious bond,
made between two lovers.
Pledging deep devotion,
and forsaking all the others.
We thank you for your witness,
to our sacred vow.
And happy that you were a part,
of our here and now.
Thank you for your loving gift,
that you chose to give.
As we promised each our love,
for as long as we shall live.


You're The Best

Without you it would've been a ritual,
A kiss and a ring in a room.
Without you, it would've been formal,
A function with bride and groom,
Without you it would've been meaningless,
Barely worth the time and stress.
But with you, it was magical,
I hope you know that you're the best...


On This Joyful Milestone

On this joyful milestone,
It is good that we are not alone,
All the people who have walked with me,
Sharing their laughter and tears for free,
With fantastic stories
you’ve quenched my thirst,
With loving hands,
staunched my hurts.
You’ve skipped with me, hand-in-hand.
Singing songs as we crossed the land.
How can I thank these truest of true,
These angels of my path - people like you?


Compared to The Light of Beauty

You can have tiaras and capes,
Gold staffs and pearls draped,
To signify your greatness and superiority,
But compared to the light of Beauty,
All that glisters fades to dust,
Outshone by friendship and love.
Your care and joy has made me richer,
Much more than any gold could muster.
Your kindness has blessed me,
More contented than Royalty.
Thank You!


I Will Remember This Day

I will remember the smiles broad,
And the tears gold,
The fine frocks and suits,
And joyous looks.
I’ll remember you,
The band, the cake..
I will remember this day,
That your love helped make.


Thank You For Attending My Wedding

Thank you for attending my wedding,
For your love and for believing.
Your gift will be cherished,
Always associated with this.
Blessed of days.
Thank you for the memories,
That will live long after the fineries
Have worn away.

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