Thank You Verses

by Sheila

It seems pointless to say this,
Mountains are quite high,
Deserts are dry,
Circles sort of round,
Discovered is to be found,
Whilst the yeti goes free,
The dinosuar is history,
Rain comes down,
Ignorance is abound,
Love must go with pain,
Shadows need sunshine,
And you are of the few,
Who don't need a thank you,
But deserve to know it all the same.

You could have walked by,
Without fault,
You could have stood back
From the moat,
You could have stayed unknown
Clear of trouble,
You could have seen it as
Someone else's bubble -
As we all do, everyday,
Striding past the bewildering fray.
But, you stopped,
Heeding some secret voice,
And entered the tangle,
Of your own choice.
What can I say?
I thank you everyday.

It is hard to appreciate,

That which shines without fail,

That seems to follow,

Its own supernatural law,

Come rain or shine,

Rising over the horizon,

Always the same.

Its hard to appreciate the strength it takes,

To be someone who always holds out,

For better from the universe,

Its hard to appreciate your kindness,

But somehow I must.

I know it's a cliche,
But, you opened my eyes,
I know it's a cliche,
But, you caught me as I fell,
I know it's a cliche,
But, you are my guiding light,
I know it's a cliche,
But, you heal my heart,
I know it's a cliche,
But, I'd be lost without you.
I know you hate cliches,
But you can't hate me,
Cos, you're too good to be true,

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