Thank You Notes to Relatives for Baptism Gifts

Thank You Notes to Relatives for Baptism Gifts

by Michelle


What do you write to someone in a thank you note who didn't attend a baptism but gave a gift?

I had a few relatives who weren't able to atend my daughter's baptism but dropped off gifts like a week after clothing and money type gifts. Just wondering the proper way to write it.

Thank you!


Thanks for the great question. Here is a sample note you can use as a template for your thank you notes to relatives who gave you baptism gifts.

"Dear Relative,

I can't thank you enough for the baby book you sent. It is so cute! I was so delighted when I saw that we had received a package from you.

I'm sure the book you sent will quickly become her favorite. I will most likely become very well acquainted with it.

Thanks again. I hope you'll be able to meet the little one as soon as possible.


I hope this helps.

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