Thank you for saving my life

by Jamaikah
(Topeka, Kansas)

If i had to choose between sacrificing my life to save yours and letting you go ahead and lose yours, i would choose A. and why? because you were the one who was present to see me struggling to live another day or year, and when you saw i was dying you gave it your all and best to keep me here.

So why should i just sit there and watch you suffer? i should of been the one to risk my life in the first place! BUT NO. you were so caring and and loving and saw that i NEEDED someone to save me from the hell that i was in that you took responsibility and control so now i have back what i deserved to have at the beginning of this all.And there is no other way i could thank you because no one else has EVER done something so heart touching before,you could have just sat there and said,well there she goes but GOD sent a special angel who was you to keep me here `cause it killed you inside to see me dying,&to sum it all up...wellone of these days soon,im going to step in like you did and save your life just like you did me,and one day when were able to see each other again,i will have a HUGE suprise waiting there for you, but most of all, THANK YOU TO SPECIAL ANGELS GOD SENT DOWN ON EARTH ND THANKS FOR THE BESTEST LOVE FROM FRIENDS A PERSON COULD EVER HAVE (JAYME, MIKAYLA, KESLEY, JAKE, ANANYA, NICHOLE, LACIE, & GRANT

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