Thank You Card Wording - What to Say

A lot of people want to know what to say in a thank you card. They know they need to write one. They know they need to say thanks. But, what else needs to go into the wording of a thank you card?

Well, the truthful answer is, it depends.

What is the reason that you’re thanking this person? Different situations call for different thank you card wording.

Thanking Someone for a Gift

Often times we feel compelled to give a thank you card after receiving a gift. Whether it’s Christmas, your birthday, or after a wedding, the general content of these thank you notes are more or less the same.

Cover these bases (at the least):

  • Thank the person for giving you the gift (duh).
  • Tell them how much you appreciate the gift.
  • Consider telling them what you’re going to do with the gift.
  • Thank them for being so thoughtful and/or generous.

Try to make the wording as personalized as possible. You don’t want it to seem like said the same thing in every thank you card. This can be especially difficult when you need to thank a lot of people (like after a wedding).

Here are some examples of thank you note wording after receiving a gift.

Thanking Friends

Sometimes friends can deserve a hearty thank you for any number of reasons. Thanking friends should always be from the heart, while also acknowledging anything special that they’ve done for you recently.

Here are some popular sayings for more personal thank you notes:

  • Thanks for being such a good friend.
  • I’m so glad to have you in my life.
  • I don’t know what I’d do without you.
  • I appreciate all the things you do for me.

If you’re thanking a friend for a specific deed or favor, make sure to make that the focus of the thank you card, while also telling them how glad you are to have them as a friend.

Here are a few guides on what to write in a thank you card when thanking friends:

The important thing to remember when writing a thank you card to a friend, is to be as personal as possible while also explaining the reasons for your gratitude.

Business Thank You Card Wording

When it comes to writing thank you cards in a business setting, the wording should, in general, be much more professional. You’ll need to keep in mind the position of the person to whom you’re writing, and make sure the tone of your thank you note is appropriate given your relationship to this person.

If you’re writing to your boss, or a potential employer, be professional and courteous. If you’re writing a card to your employees, or to a benefactor of your organization, your wording can be more informal.

Explore these pages to find examples of business thank you wording:

What Else Can Go In a Thank You Card?

Depending on the circumstances, you may find it appropriate to include some famous thank you quotes, or even write a poem describing your gratitude.

For some inspiration, check out these collections to include in your thank you card

Thank You Card Bonuses

Thank You Quotes
Thank You Poems

I hope this guide is able to help you to write the best thank you card possible. Still have questions on etiquette, or wording? Ask a question below, and we’ll try and answer it as soon as possible.

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