Should You Write a Thank You Letter Even If You don't Get The Job?

by greg
(orlando fla usa)

Question: Is it ok to write a thank you letter even if you do not get the job?

That is a great question.

Put simply, writing a thank you note to someone - anyone - is never going to do any harm.

Could you imagine someone receiving a sincere thank you note and reacting negatively? "This is an outrage! How dare this person thank me!".

No, on the contrary, it's a great idea to send a thank you note to a potential employer who didn't end up hiring you. The company still offered you an interview, and gave you a chance at employment. That is worth a thank you.

But beyond being polite, this act of gratitude could still end up landing you a job with this company, or another.

Consider This Scenario

You were one of three candidates in contention for landing the position, but lost out to another candidate. Within the first two weeks of employment, management decides that the person they chose actually isn't a great fit.

In most cases, a company isn't going to want to hire someone they have already turned down. But, by sending a thank you note, you've shown that you're not bitter or upset. Instead you come off as gracious and professional.

So, instead of spending time and resources restarting the application process, the hiring manager phones you up and gives you a shot.


The more positivity you put out there, unsolicited, the more you'll get in return. I truly believe that.

So, even if the chances of getting the job are slim, by sending a thank you note, you're showing your true colors, and people don't forget truly nice gestures.

What's the worst that could happen?

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