Saying Thanks With Poems

by Fulton

What would Mother's Day be, without a mother?
What would Christmas, Easter, all of those, be?
You've given me presents on all gift giving days...
But they don't mean as much, if I may say...

Not nearly enough,
In comparison to...
my best birthday gift ever...

Thank you Mom for all that you do.

Are you a Samaritan or an angel?
Do you see after nightfall ?
Can you glide over treetops,
Weaving between raindrops?
Do you not feel pain,
The mortal strain?
Of course you do,
Which makes my thanking you,
All the more important.

I could not have got through,
Without your kindness,
Smoothing the gritted path.
I would have turned back,
Without your voice,
Drawing me to the track.
I might have given in,
Without your hand,
In the dark, reaching,
Helping me back up.
You helped me get through,
All I can say is,
Thank you.

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