Donation Thank You Letters

If someone has donated to you, your organization, non-profit, or business, sending out donation thank you letters can help show your gratitude and encourage future donations from your current benefactors.

Whenever you write a thank you note to someone who has given a donation it is important that you be specific. Many times the same generous people may have donated to several different places. You want to make sure that they know which organization you are from and how it has helped in your efforts.

Even small donations that greatly help you in your efforts should be recognized. Small donations may not make as large of an impact on things as bigger donations but they can add up and be very helpful.

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Donation Thank You Letters Samples

A Teacher Thanks a Parent

Dear Mrs. Miller,

Thank you very much for your donation to the pie auction. With all of the beautiful pies that were collected we were able to raise the money for the school field trip. Now the children are going to be able to go to the museum and lean more about science.

We appreciate your help and look forward to more of your pies in the future.

Mrs. Diane Morton

The teacher in question had asked for parents to donate pies to the pie auction. Mrs. Miller had stepped up to the plate and baked one of her delicious cherry pies. In hopes that Mrs. Miller would yet again help in the future Mrs. Diane Morton wrote a thoughtful note to show her appreciation.

Notice in the note she was encouraging and grateful about the children's’ ability to now learn more. She pointed out a fact that both herself and the parent would be happy about and allowed Mrs. Miller to see that she was a part of the overall success of the pie auction.

Also notice that she does not ask for anything in the note but she does imply that she is excited about further donations. Only do this if you know that the person plans on making future donations.

Thank You for Your Donation

Dear Mr. Reynolds,

We are extremely grateful for the gift that you have given to our organization Boaters for Babies. The sale price of your boat has enabled us to make a whole new room equipped with special needs equipment that has been badly needed.

One of the babies needed a special room off to the side because of her sensitivity to light and sound and your donation has made it possible for us to make the room soundproof for when she is trying to get some much needed rest.

We thank you greatly for your kindness.

Joanna Gray
Boaters for Babies

Making sure that you are very specific is important. You want the person to remember the charity that they have given to. Usually with such big donations the person giving the donation will remember but this is not always the case.

As you can see Joanna Gray made sure to write the organization name in the note as well as below her name. It is also recommended that you put contact information below your name in case the person wants to make yet another donation because of your thankful and grateful attitude.

Thank You for Donating Your Time


Thank you so much for helping out with the lemonade stand the Friday and bringing all of the lemons! The girls had a great time getting everything together and were able to make $23 in just one day.

The girls plan on using their money towards a trip to the zoo and said that they would make sure to bring back something for you because of all of your help.

The girls and I look forward to seeing you again soon. Thank you so much for everything.


As you can see, this note is a little less formal because they are friends. Even though it is a friend when you send donation thank you letters the people in your life will see that you are truly thankful for the efforts that they put in.

Writing a Donation Note Can Be Tricky

As you can see there are many different instances that you may need to give a thank you note for donations, and there are many different way to phrase your donation notes.

Make sure that you pay attention to whether or not the situation should be formal or informal. This is very important as you will be showing the proper respect and will get a better response.

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