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Hi Matt,

Thank you so much for buying dinner last week. I really enjoyed catching up on the good old days! Who would have thought we would be having a posh dinner in what was our old church! Its amazing how it has been re-furbished. We must do it again very soon, but perhaps will get a taxi, so as to try the rather extensive wine menu.

Love and best wishes,



I really like the way we had our dinner last night. We almost took 3 hours and we had no idea what the time was. We were so involved in the occasion. I really thank you from the deep side of my heart for making my day very special. I would like to go again and again for this kind of dinner at any place that you say.

Lots of hugs and kisses.

Your love,


Hi friend,

Thank for the great meal the other night. Your homemade biriyani and halwa were incredible. We loved the little wine tasting you gave us. I think I need to go shopping.. I'd like to host dinner next week if possible, and I'll plan to prepare one of my favorite dishes that I know you'll enjoy.

Yours always...



Thank you for buying me dinner last night. I appreciated it more than you could ever know. Being a student with little to know money makes it tough to enjoy good gourmet meals. You made my night wonderful. School gets to be very stressful and as you can probably understand, my schedule is very tight. Thank you for constantly asking me to go out for dinner until I accepted. I just want you to know that it took a lot of having to ask me because school has kept me very busy. I hope that I will get to see you again soon and maybe next time I can provide the dinner.

Love, Polly


Dear Susan,

I was so touched by the surprise farewell dinner party that you organized for me last week. As you know, this decision of mine to move to Texas has been a very difficult one. My family and I have had to make many adjustments to support this move. It was really thoughtful of you to see that all my friends and close relatives were at the dinner. When I feel overwhelmed with all the changes in my life, I can always look back at that night when all of you came together to show me how loved and special I am.

Over the years, our relationship has grown from being neighbours to good friends. I really value our friendship. I have finally settled into my new home. The next time you are in Texas you will be staying with me! Thank God for e-mails and mobile phones. At-least I know that we will always be in touch.

Love, Amber



Thank you for inviting me over to dinner last Thursday night. Both the meal and the company were wonderful! I am glad we had the opportunity to catch up, considering we have both been so busy lately. It was great hearing about your life and the projects you are currently working on. The chicken dish you made was delightful as well, and I would love to have the recipe. We should get together again soon - perhaps this time you could come to dinner at my place.

Love, Jen


Dearest Juno,

Thanks for inviting me to your dinner party last night. . The food, the music, it was all excellent. I had a very good time and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. And it was really good to finally meet you after such a long time.

This past week had been exceptionally hectic at the office and I seriously needed a break so the timing for me was just right too. Thanks for the wonderful evening. I look forward to meeting you again soon.

Love Carol.


Dear Jeni,

I very much enjoyed your last party. I couldn't expect more from such a loving and caring person like you. I have been to many parties, but, this one is special. It makes me remember all the great times we had when we were younger. Thanks for all your love.

Sweet Wishes, Krishna.


Dear Jamie,

It was wonderful to be invited to your dinner party and to meet all of your great friends! You also make a mean chili and your homemade corn bread is wonderful. Thank you for sharing the recipe with me. Your hospitality was great, it has been strange being away from my home town and you made me feel right at home. Thanks again for thinking of inviting me and I hope that we will get together again soon!

Take care, Shelia



Thank you for the lovely dinner. It was so romantic, I feel wonderful. The food was so good. I really hope you enjoyed to spend the time with me. I really felt like I was in heaven with your presence. I hope to do it again sometime. But next time, Dinner is on me.

Love, Tatiana

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