Writing Bridal Shower Thank You Notes

Following a bridal shower, the bride will need to send out thank you notes in a timely manner to thank everyone for their gifts and kindness.

When writing and sending out your bridal shower thank you notes, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

Lets go over some tips to help you write your thank you cards, and then we’ll show a couple examples of some well written examples to help you with the wording.

Bridal Shower Thank You Note Etiquette

  • Handwritten: Ideally, the thank you note should be hand written. Even in this day of email and Facebook, a hand written thank you note is still best. It is more personal than shooting off a quick email or typing and printing your notes.
  • Stationary: Some couples choose to use thank you notes that match the rest of their wedding stationary, but this is not necessary. You could choose any simple thank you note card stock on which to write your notes. If you do choose to match your notes to your wedding stationary, you may consider ordering two slightly different thank you notes: one to use following the shower and the other to use when writing thank you notes following your wedding.
  • Mention the Gift: When writing a bridal shower thank you note, do not write a generic thank you note. Instead, mention the person and the gift that they gave to you. (Be sure someone is keeping a list during your shower of who gave what gift to make this task easier).
  • Short and Sweet: When writing a bridal shower thank you note it is best to keep it short and simple. A couple of short paragraphs are usually sufficient.
  • Bride Only: When you send out thank you notes after your wedding, they will be signed from both the bride and groom. When writing a bridal shower thank you note, however, the notes should only be signed by the bride. The exception would be if you had a Jack and Jill shower (where both bride and groom attend). In that case it would be appropriate to include both signatures.
  • Mailed to Home: The thank you notes should not be handed out in person. Instead, you should mail the notes to the recipient’s homes.
  • Timeliness: There is some difference of opinion about how long you have to send your bridal shower thank you notes. Just send them out as soon as possible, but no more than a month after the event.

Bridal Shower Thank You Note Examples

Below are a couple examples of a well written bridal shower thank you note. As mentioned above, the notes should be hand written. The example below is a good representation of proper bridal shower thank you card wording.


Example #1

Dear Julie,

Thank you so much for taking the time to come to my bridal shower. It wouldn’t have been the same without you. Also, thank you for the blender and food processor. You know how I love to cook, so both of those gifts will certainly get a good amount of use!

Thanks again for helping to make my bridal shower so special and memorable, and for sharing this special time in my life with me and Bob.


Sarah Ann


Example #2 - Thakning the Host

Dear Laura,

You are one of my closest friends. You know how much you mean to me, so I won’t waste paper by drooling over you too much.

That said, I love you so much. Nobody else could have hosted my bridal shower as well as you did. You made the event more fun and special than I ever could have imagined.

Thank you so much for being there for me. You are an integral part of this celebration, and I couldn’t imagine my wedding without you.


Sarah Ann

As you can see, these thank you notes don’t need to be full length letters. Everyone knows you have a lot on your plate right now. A few simple lines are all that is needed.

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