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10 Thank You Note Examples



Thank-you so much for the crib sheets and pacifiers. It was so nice to see you at the baby shower. Where did you find that beautiful dress you were wearing? We need to plan a girls’ night out, like the one all of us enjoyed last month. We had so much fun. I’ll plan it and invite the other girls.

I will call you soon. I sincerely appreciate your friendship and for your presence at the baby shower. Friends like you are one in a million.

Love, Jane


Dear Jane,

Thank you so much for being part of my baby shower and for the beautiful baby shawl you made for our baby. I will treasure it forever and will think of you every time I wrap her in it. Keep in touch and do come visit anytime you are in the neighbourhood. Many thanks again.



Hi Sharon,

I feel so grateful for the baby book you got my new born cute angel. This is the first book that she will ever read. Thanks a lot for your present. I miss you here on this side of the city. I hope I get to see you again soon. Once again, a heart felt thanks for the gift. If you get time, please stop by after work soon to see my girl....

With love, Nivas



First of all, I would like to thank you for your presence irrespective of your work schedule an my baby shower. I was so excited after seeing you at the function. I didn’t think you would possibly be able to make it with so much going on at work.I Thank you for the tickle-me-Elmo that you brought for the little one. I just wanted to let you know how much I love you.

Very soon we all will get together at our friend Jacks marriage.

That’ll be fun!


Hey Steffie,

Thanks a lot for being the heart of my baby shower dear. You are always such e delight, I couldn’t imagine my baby shower without you, and your gift oh my god it is so lovely, dear. My baby, she is gonna enjoy it with all those lovely bears with the pink bows. So cute.

Thank you dear for the lovely gift. i hope you will be always around to be the best aunt to my baby girl.

You know, me and Jeff treasure your friendship. Hope to see you soon.

Love and regards, Joan


Debra, Can you believe I’m having a baby? Man, we’re getting old, huh? You bought the baby so many expensive and lovable gifts. So many towels, bibs, baby blankets, diaper bag etc .. These are going to be so useful. I really do appreciate your love towards my family. I’m thinking someone may have what it takes to be a godmother... Any interest?

I am really proud of having such a great friend who cares for us all so much. Thank you so much for everything!




Thank you for attending my baby shower! I know it was your first experience of the baby showers we have here in America, and I hope you enjoyed it. Do they hold similar baby showers in Japan?

The baby socks you gave me are so adorable! I really appreciate the baby book from Japan as well. Though my Japanese isn't so great, I know it will be a priceless heirloom for my child. Will you help me translate some text in the baby book that I don't understand?

It is so gorgeous, it almost seems a shame to put pictures in it, but I promise I will. I am so happy your student visa was extended so you can attend grad school -- plus you will be here when the baby comes! It has been wonderful becoming your friend and I am so excited you will be involved in our child's life.

Take care and stop by for dinner soon, this time I will do the cooking, I promise!

Much love, Greta



There aren’t many people that know me as well as you do. And there aren’t many that I would consider to be as good a Friend. I’m so happy you are in my life. As we get older we have to stick together! You better believe that I’ll be there when your first one pops out. ;)

Love you,


Dear Aunt Alice,

Thank you for coming to our baby shower. I know it is a long drive for you and I appreciate so much your making the trip. The hand-crocheted sweater you made, with the matching cap, is adorable. Our little one will look beautiful in in, and it will keep her warm.

I have always admired your crochet work, and am so glad it will find a place in the next generation of our family also. Maybe you can teach our baby how to crochet some day when she is old enough. That would be wonderful? Please say hello to Uncle Bob for me. We look forward to seeing both of you at the family Thanksgiving feast. Au Revoir for now! Love, Claire


Dear Tara,

Thank you SO much for the beautiful handmade baby quilt. I always enjoyed buying your quilts as Christmas presents for others, so to receive one as a gift was wonderful! Thanks for coming to my baby shower, and I hope we run into each other again soon.

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