A follow up thank you letter for interview

by Lois
(Kenosha, WI)

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to discuss the business manager opportunity with me. I very much appreciated the detail with which you described the position. I really felt you did an exceptional job of emphasizing the importance of the position to the continuing success of the company. I am convinced that I can meet the challenge and exceed the goals you have set for this position.

During the interview you mentioned key requirements for this position to be successful. These key requirements, namely, customer service, bridging the technical gap and 1 face to the customer have been the foundation for my success.

While at Motorola, I established standards for customer service and trained both agents and supervisors in the art of customer service. While at Telular, I provided training to both technical and non-technical customers, and regarding the 1 face to the customer, I take that to a whole new level. My fluency in various languages and my multicultural background, have allowed me the possibility to bridge the language and cultural gaps. I have and continue to build relationships and be the one face to multinational customers located on three different continents.

Finally, in order to be that one face to the customer, you will find that I am searching for an employer with which I will be able to grow with and establish a long term career. I believe Kimbal fits that description.

Below are additional questions I wanted to ask.

I look forward to your reply and the next step in your hiring process

1. What is the opportunity for growth and advancement within your organization

2. What is your management style

3. Organization RFQ response/approval and quoting process

Again, thank you for your time and consideration.

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